Power of data within the cloud.

Our skilled data engineers are dedicated to maximising the benefits of Snowflake. With many years of data warehousing experience, our team all hold SnowPro Core certifications and, in many instances, SnowPro Advanced.

Projective Group is certified by Snowflake as a Premier Partner in recognition of our skills in the design, development and implementation of Snowflake solutions. Our expertise also extends to a diverse range of complementary products from other vendors in the fields of ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), BI (Business Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

Our solutions

Maturity Assessment and Snowflake PoC

Our knowledge of the Snowflake Data Cloud will give you the expertise that your company needs in order to utilise the power of data within the cloud.

Snowflake Migration

Our Partnership and expertise with Informatica will give you the tools and knowledge that your company needs to fully utilise the power of data.

Snowflake Data Integration

Collibra helps businesses transform and understand the data that matters in their organisation to accelerate trusted business outcomes.

Snowflake Optimisation

During Aftercare phase, our focus centers on monitoring recently implemented legislation, with an emphasis on operational aspects.

Snowflake Business Value Assessment

This approach keeps you informed about upcoming legal changes and current events, ensuring you’re prepared and avoid unexpected surprises.


In a gap analysis, we assess how well your organization adheres to specific laws and regulations, identifying the necessary steps for achieving compliance.