Cloud-native and market leading data integration company

Powered by AI, Informatica allows you to connect and integrate your data and business processes across any application and easily create, deploy, and manage intelligent APIs.

Informatica uses the CLAIRE engine, which is the industry’s first metadata-driven AI-powered technology for data management. CLAIRE learns your data landscape to automate thousands of manual tasks and augment human activity with recommendations and insights—so you can scale your data management to meet your business’s needs.

Our solutions

360° Data View

Informatica supports 360-degree engagement with intelligent master data management solutions that deliver trusted views of all your supplier data.

Core data Management and Integration

As a leader in the field of data integration, Informatica will transform your legacy architecture, modernise your data warehouses and optimize your data initiatives.

Data Supply Chain

Informatica can help to accelerate your data journey and making sure that it is accessible to fuel the next-gen analytics and AI initiatives.

Machine-led Governance and Compliance

Informatica allows you to fuel data governance and data compliance with machine-led solutions that automate data discovery and assessment.

Informatica Team and Certifications

Our team has many years of experience and are Informatica Certified Professionals (ICP) who know exactly how to deliver a successful project for your companies.