Data intelligence company

Collibra helps businesses transform how they discover, govern, trust and understand the data that matters in their organisation to accelerate trusted business outcomes.

Global enterprises choose Collibra’s intuitive cloud-based platform to unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic, competitive asset.

Our solutions

Collibra Data Intelligence

Collibra’s data intelligence cloud aligns every person, encompassing data cataloguing, lineage, quality, privacy and governance in one seamless cloud platform.

Collibra Trusted Business Reporting

Collibra will allow you to centralize, govern and certify key reports and metrics to drive smarter decisions.

Collibra Digital Transformation

Collibra’s intuitive cloud-based platform enables you to drive digital growth and customer engagement by opening up trusted organisational data

Collibra Cloud-Ready Data

Collibra will help you to modernise your operations with a solution that is scalable, accessible, and resilient.

Collibra Team and Certifications

Collibra is transforming data intelligence and have built a team of highly experienced engineers to help our clients take full advantage of this.